ESP provide a cost effective repair service for all equipment sold by them, and supplied by customers for repair.

ESP undertake contracts worldwide and over the past 6 years have established ourselves as a major force in the mining industry.We are a EECS Repair registered company and all repair and refurbishment work carries the EECS Repair Licence Mark.

Our policy is never to allow repaired or overhauled certified product to leave our works with it's original certification label unless it fully complies with the original certification, or the appropriate British Standard.

Repaired or overhauled certified products carry a unique identification and a code which relates directly to the relevant certification body. ESP enter this code onto the relevant documentation, and this code is also marked on the completed equipment to indicate the repair standard still maintains the original certification protection parameters and the repair organisation.

ESP establish and maintain records which provide evidence that the product has been inspected and/or tested, and also show compliance to customer, certification or legislative requirements.

All equipment sold and repaired by ESP is accompanied by a certificate recording final inspection and test procedures carried out.

Operators of hazardous installations must ensure that the equipment they use incorporates the appropriate explosion protection methods. Suppliers of equipment have to ensure that their products are suitable for the intended use and are designed and manufactured to meet the explosion protection standards.

G.E.C. ASF/P switch refurbished for

RJB Mining Thoresby Colliery